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Helpful Templates to boost your resume

How to boost your Resume chances?

At Professional Resume Services, we have been helping people obtain employment. How is this achieved you may ask? We use our tried and tested methods (since 2005) to assist people with their resumes, cover letters and coaching.

Since 2016, we have developed resume templates from feedback of our customers. Each template comes with a 14 Page Resume Help Guide.  

This post will explain what our four resume templates/books can do to assist you in your next job search!

7 Key Steps to Successful Job Hunting

This is a 17 page book that contains information about successful job hunting.  The authors show you how to maintain a positive mental attitude, tap the hidden job market, plan your job search strategy, how to market yourself and make a positive impression after the interview and much more. Maybe you are looking for a career move or wanting to re-enter the work force, this book will be a valuable resource in your job search.

Resume & Interview Guide

This is a 25 page guide that shows you how to give your resume the edge over your competitors, how write to cover letters that grab the employer’s attention; interview tips and how to answer some of the most commonly asked interview questions, like “Tell me a little about yourself?”

If you are looking for a career move or wanting to re-enter the work force, then this guide will help and guide you in your job search. 

Key Steps in Addressing Selection Criteria

This is a 15 page book that contains information about how to address selection criteria for any position in the Public Sector or Government Business Enterprise. The authors talk about and show you how to use the S.T.A.R. method when addressing selection criteria, how to use point form not paragraphs, how to use active verbs and key expressions and much more.  If you need to a selection criteria for a Government position, then this book will be a handy go to for you it shows you how to address that selection criteria.

Resume Templates

Professional Resume Services templates have been designed with you in mind making them easy for you to complete and user friendly.

Our PRS Template designs are available in 4 different styles which can be used for various positions and professions. The templates have been created using Microsoft Word 2010 and are 100% fully editable.

Each resume template comes with a 14 page How to Build a Resume Step by Step Guide for your reference to complete your resume.

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