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About the people behind Professional Resume Services

Elinda and Alfio have been operating Professional Resume Services since May 2005 in Brisbane and during this time have noticed a demand for professionally presented resumes.                
Elinda has an Office Management and Human Resource background and has worked in many managerial roles allowing her to understand what employees need and what employers are looking for.  Elinda is also a Certified Life Coach and understands the importance of a balanced lifestyle together with a passion for helping people achieve their personal goals if you would like to know more about coaching feel free to contact Elinda by: phone or email                
Alfio has worked in Sales and Marketing as a Business Development Manager for many years and understands the importance of building good customer relations and always strives to exceed customer expectations.

Through working in varied and broad roles, Alfio and Elinda have developed an excellent and detailed knowledge of the needs and expectations of employers. They understand from experience the way that a well prepared resume can open up opportunities that were previously hidden. Understanding your needs from your perspective Alfio and Elinda know the importance of a well written resume, the significance of a concise cover letter and the words and phrases that will best grab the attention of an employer. We know from experience that a badly written resume can stop your career in its tracks and that your resume is your one and only chance to show a future employer that you are the person they need. It is your very own marketing tool, for the purpose of a resume is to provide a summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments.


Professional Resume Services have prepared resumes for various industries and professions for example: -                
Aviation, Oil & Gas, Mining, Banking and Finance, Motor Vehicle, Printing, Hospitality, Australian Defence Force, Administration, Child Care, Legal Professions, Allied Health Care Professionals, Aged Care, Qualified Trades and Apprentices, Teachers, Transport and Logistics, Machinery Operators, Emergency Services, Police, Security Officers, Retail and Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Science and Technology, IT Specialists, Self Employed, Project Managers and many more!   

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